Clerical costumes for TV and film

  • The Crown

“When designing period films one is often required to costume specific occasions, be they ceremonial or religious. In my view it’s important that these are executed with as much accuracy as is possible. 
VESTUS were a vital resource on the recent production of Firebrand, supplying convincing 16th-century clerical and ecclesiastical vestments/costumes for church services and religious scenes dramatised within the film. 
The knowledge and experience VESTUS have was crucial for the costume department and invaluable for the production of these scenes.” 

Michael o’connor, oscar-winning designer
Designer, Firebrand (2023)

“Peter and his team were brilliant to work with. Their items were beautifully maintained and cared for. The advice we received was invaluable and they were prompt with delivery. High quality service and costume. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”

Fiona Goggin – supervisor

Really pleasant company to deal with, responsive, knowledgeable and really flexible and understanding of the difficulties of the TV industry. A very pleasant discovery and I will make sure to contact them next time I am landed with half a dozen sisters of charity in 1905 to produce (it always falls on me!). Lovely company to deal with and will recommend to colleagues in the costume world“.

Sophie Bugeaud – Asst. Designer (Mary & George)

Fab service, Peter went above and beyond. Always easy to contact and great advice.”

Laura Baker

Researching online is such a minefield of resources and it takes weeks to work out the correct answers which we simply never had. You are also constantly worried you may have it wrong. It was incredibly reassuring to have Peter a call away to answer any queries and last minute requests from the production. Peter and his team are an absolute delight to work with and oh so knowledgeable. Thank you Vestus!

Ros Marshall – designer

“The Service that Vestus provided for the costume Department on Becoming Elizabeth was invaluable. 
Peter’s extensive knowledge, and understanding for creating a visual that is both historically accurate but also works for the project is excellent.”

Bart Cariss – Designer, Becoming Elizabeth
Designer, Shardlake

Modern production or period, Vestus offers two services

Costume hire

We have a wide range of clerical robes, from day-to-day items to rare antiques.

Bespoke services are available, to tailor costumes to fit cast, and to commission new, specialist items.

Advice & consultation

Knowing how to dress a priest, bishop or cardinal is a minefield.

Tell us the context of your scene – is it a wedding? is it modern or historical? is it in a magnificent cathedral or a modest parish church? is it Roman Catholic, or Church of England? – and we’ll tell you what you need. Crucially, we’ll also tell you how the costume should be worn. We’ll even send you a video of how to put the costume on correctly!

It’s a Friday morning, and Peter has an outfit to put together for a client.
Problem is, the alb is too long. It’s passable, and we could let the client make the necessary adjustments, but that just wouldn’t be Vestus customer service now would it!

Recent productions…

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  • Rivals (Disney+)
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  • Father Brown (BBC)
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  • The Crown (Netflix)
  • The Mallorca Files (BBC)
  • The Killing Kind (Paramount)
  • Mary & George (Sky)
  • The Sixth Commandment (BBC)
  • Firebrand (feature)
  • The Woman in the Wall (BBC, Motive, Showtime)
  • My Mother’s Wedding (feature)
  • The Ballad of Renegade Nell (Disney+, Lookout Point)
  • Apartment 7a (Paramount, Platinum Dunes)
  • Straight Shooter (Netflix, Haggle Pictures)
  • Spiral (Sony Marvel)
  • Becoming Elizabeth (Lionsgate, The Forge)
  • Industry 2 (BBC, Bad Wolf)


All prices are bespoke